DIY Mosaic Craft Projects You Can Make this Weekend

DIY Mosaic Craft Projects are great for indoors and outdoors. With these DIY mosaic crafts projects, you can enliven your living space with a variety of colors and textures. Here we will share the experience of making the mosaic coaster at home, Let’s beginning!



• 2 coaster bases

60 grams white cement

• One package of mosaics

Nitrile glove


Silicone glue

Newspaper or kraft paper


Disposable cup

Measuring cup

Plastic spoon or Knife

Putty knife or other smooth-edged tool

Paper towels or Soft Cloth

PROJECT TIP: Never dispose of grout or cement down the drain



1.  Cover the work area with newspaper or kraft paper.

2.  Collect all supplies needed for the project and place them on the work surface.

3.  Place the mosaics on the coaster base using your own unique design. When you are satisfied with the look, pick up each piece and glue the back of mosaic using the Silicone glue down to the coaster. Remember to allow for

1-2mm space between each tile.

4.  Allow glue to dry for 1-2 hours. NOTE: Drying times may vary due to temperature and humidity.

5.  Mix 20 ml water to 60 grams cement with a disposable cup. Using a plastic spoon or knife to stir it. If the mixture is too dry, add more water a very small amount ( less than 2 ml) at a time until you reach the right consistency.

6.  With a gloved hand, spread the grout over the tile, filling in all crevices. Remove as much excess grout as you can with your hand. Tip: Using the putty knife or other smooth-edged tool to spread the grout to achieve a smooth surface.

7.  Allow to dry, approximately 10-15 minutes. Use damp sponge to remove grout haze. Let set overnight.

8.  When dry thoroughly, buff with paper towels or soft cloth





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