Magic Toy - A Trusted Worthy Mosaic Mural Supplier

Magic Toy is not only one of the biggest art craft mosaic tiles supplies brand in China, but also a professional in the field of cutting mural design and manufacturing.


As you could see these two mural, it is a perfect combination of animals and plants, that Magic Toy understand no matter the animal or plants we are dealing with, we must show out the details of them to bring a vivid image to the audience. Magic Toy have rich experience on it and as these two mural shows the blooming flower and the bird is ready to fly. Each piece of the mosaic tile on the mural needs to be cut precisely by hand with professional tool.



Magic Toy is professional on different kinds of mural. And many people may not quite understand the usage of the mural. Actually Magic Toy handles dozen of mural design projects annually, as for home decor, some murals are for vestibule decoration, some for living room decoration, some for stair decoration between upstairs and downstairs. As for hotel projects, they are used to lobby decoration and wall decoration as well. But cutting mural now becomes more and more popular in any construction projects and if you have any need or question to it. Please feel free to contact us- Magic Toy, an trusted worthy mosaic mural supplier.

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