Magic Toy Mosaic Craft---DIY Photo Frame

      Magic Toy Mosaic was founded in 2007, and has rich experience in mosaic business for over 10 years. Now our products are getting richer and richer. Magic Toy provides not only loose pieces, but also mosaic crafts. We will give you some suggestions on making mosaic kits.

Today I would like to share some DIY photo frames we made with you.

    The first one is made with irregular crystal mosaics and glitter mosaics. For crystal mosaic, we could also make them in square shape, like 10x10 or 20x20mm etc. While for glitter mosaics, we could make bigger square shape and irregular shapes. Their colors are very rich, and I bet you will like them.

     For these two photo frames, they mix crystal, glitter and sweetee series. Yes, you could also make the DIY
crafts by mixing different mosaic series if you think just one series looks monotonous. Don’t worry about how to buy different mosaic. Magic Toy Mosaic could supply different kinds of mosaics.
    So what are you waiting for? Come and inquire!!! Unleash your creativity and light your life!

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